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COVID-19 is generating tons of medical waste
Environment, Hydrogen, Uncategorized, April 25, 2020

China has seen amazing measures of clinical waste. It is not clear if U.S. and European effects may be comparative. In China, the coronavirus — which causes COVID-19 — has left the nation managing piles of clinical waste. The South China Morning Post has revealed 28 urban areas are struggling to manage it, including Wuhan, the main zone significantly affected by the emergency. That city is creating in excess of multiple times its standard measure of clinical waste, per the Post’s revealing, and clinical waste treatment offices in all the influenced urban areas are working at their full limit. During.

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The Global Climate Challenge
Environment, November 26, 2019

CCS Carbon capture and geological storage (CCS) is a technique for trapping carbon dioxide emitted from large point sources such as power plants, compressing it, and transporting it to a suitable storage site where it is injected into the ground. This technology has significant potential to help mitigate climate change both in Europe and internationally, particularly in countries with large reserves of fossil fuels and a fast-increasing energy demand. The EU-directive EU has recently issued a directive in order to cope with growing climate change challenge. The directive on the geological storage of CO2 (so-called “CCS Directive”) establishes a legal.

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Reasons Hydrogen Powered Fuel Cell Buses Are The Ideal Solution
Environment, Hydrogen, February 17, 2019

Recently, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway have pledged to tackle fossil fuel use by setting and meeting ambitious clean energy goals in alignment with targets set at the Paris accord. 1. Support and administration abilities are as of now set up. The Ballard Europe administration group is entrenched and positioned in Denmark, taking into consideration productive fixes and administration on fuel cell transport armadas all through the European Union. Past adjusting and fixing the transports, the group effectively accumulates information that it imparts to travel offices to help them constantly enhance the transports’ execution in these one of a kind situations..

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