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Reasons Hydrogen Powered Fuel Cell Buses Are The Ideal Solution
Environment, Hydrogen, February 17, 2019

Recently, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway have pledged to tackle fossil fuel use by setting and meeting ambitious clean energy goals in alignment with targets set at the Paris accord. 1. Support and administration abilities are as of now set up. The Ballard Europe administration group is entrenched and positioned in Denmark, taking into consideration productive fixes and administration on fuel cell transport armadas all through the European Union. Past adjusting and fixing the transports, the group effectively accumulates information that it imparts to travel offices to help them constantly enhance the transports’ execution in these one of a kind situations..

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Plagazi’s Challange
Company, February 12, 2019

The world is facing three serious problems or challenges: Our relative prosperity is heavily dependent on fossil fuels and burn gases, that have a very negative impact on our climate due to the emission of CO2 The lack of non-expensive sustainable energy alternatives to the fossil fuels. The growing problem with waste that is subject to landfill like non-combustible waste, demolished cars, tires, different kind of plastics and hazardous waste etc. Plagazi AB will be a technology provider that sets up or owns turn-key gasification plants based on existing standardized technology by using the patented Plagazi ® process; the cyclic.

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The Plagazi Process
Company, January 11, 2019

The Plagazi Process makes an attractive business case for the society – with clear added value across the entire value chain; from waste management to pure hydrogen. Current climate change agreements stipulate that mobility must be fully decarbonised by 2050, so the challenge of lowering CO2 emissions and pollutants is one for politicians and manufacturers alike. Whether the targets can be met through battery electric vehicles is uncertain, not least because there is no guarantee that the electric power used for charging is fossil-free. Hydrogen from waste and H2-technology is a business-oriented solution for efficiently preventing pollutants, CO2 greenhouse gases.

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