Plasma and high temperature

Plasma gasification differs from non-plasma gasification in one key area – temperature. Non plasma gasifiers typically operate between 800 and 900 °C. The temperatures inside Alter NRG’s gasifier reach over 3000 °C that utilizes its Westinghouse Plasma Torches. The syngas exits the gasifier at 950 °C. The slag flows out of the gasifier at 1650 °C. The higher temperatures inside our plasma gasifier result in the complete destruction of tars, something that is not achievable with non-plasma technologies. It is very difficult to remove tars downstream of the gasifier and therefore the utility of the syngas produced by non-plasma gasifiers is very limited.  It can be burned immediately but, to the best of our knowledge, non-plasma waste derived syngas has not been conditioned for use at large scale for use in gas turbines, reciprocating engines or for conversion into liquid fuels.