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April 23, 2021
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May 17, 2021

The Plagazi Process is labelled as Green! 

Plagazi is delighted to announce a major corporate milestone, the hydrogen produced via our processes has been labelled as green with a negative CO2 footprint. In Q4 2020, Plagazi contracted DNV, a world-renowned certification advisor to the renewable energy industry, to complete an independent Life Cycle Analysis of the holistic Plagazi production process. The goal was to evaluate its CO2 footprint and to compare it against the industry’s definition of green hydrogen. 
Why is it important to officially be considered as a green production process? It highlights our ability to produce hydrogen sustainably and showcases how Plagazi plays a major role in providing energy sources that contribute to a clean and healthy environment. Moreover, a negative CO2 footprint refers to that a process as a net reducer of emissions when compared to existing recycling and production processes. 
In the Life Cycle Analysis completed by DNV, the CO2 footprint was compared to the existing definitions of green hydrogen, established by EU taxonomy, TÜV SÜD, and CertifHy, and in all cases, the hydrogen produced was certified as green. 
“It’s a major milestone for the company. Having one of the world’s leading certification bodies, DNV, classifying our hydrogen production processes as green, shows the untapped potential of the Plagazi. It proves the fact that Plagazi can produce sustainable energy from unrecyclable waste. ” – Torsten Granberg, CEO Plagazi 
We are proud to have worked with DNV as they are a highly-valued technical advisor to the hydrogen industry and delivers world-renowned certification and advisory services to the energy value chain including renewables and energy management.
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Plagazi AB is a Swedish clean-tech company which is revolutionizing the production of green hydrogen. Plagazi helps society close the circular loop by transforming waste into green hydrogen through plasma gasification, contributing to resolve the significant global issue of non-recyclable waste, renewable energy sources and carbon emissions. With multiple active projects across Europe, the company aims to become the answer to the continents strive to reach its climate goals.   
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