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August 20, 2016
Plasma and high temperature
October 27, 2017

Next-Generation Power

As the world looks for new sources of clean, renewable energy, the search is leading to Westinghouse. Specifically, our next-generation Plasma Gasification technology.
Industrial-scale syngas production from waste can be converted to power, biofuels and petrochemicals or as a fossil fuel replacement. Plasma Gasifier will convert a wide variety of waste streams into a clean syngas which can be further altered to create other forms of energy.

A plasma gasifier is an oxygen starved vessel where various feedstocks can be gasified using the very high temperatures achievable with plasma. Rather than being combusted, the heat  breaks the feedstock down into elements like hydrogen and simple compounds like carbon monoxide and water. The gas that is created is called synthesis gas or “syngas”.

The syngas created in the gasifier, which contains dust (particulates) and other undesirable elements like mercury, undergoes a clean-up process to make it suitable for conversion into other forms of energy including power, heat and liquid fuels. The syngas clean-up process is tailored to meet the requirements of each project. In most cases, especially where municipal solid waste (MSW) is the feedstock, the syngas clean-up will include particulate removal, sulphur removal and mercury/heavy metals removal.

The Plagazi Process making hydrogen from waste is an attractive alternative for the society and a good business case.

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